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NWPVA members posing during a chapter party

NWPVA actively organizes and sponsors opportunities for a number of recreational, sports, community involvement (such as the pizza party above), recognition and fundraising programs serving the disabled community.

Tom Bungert competing in the slalom event

NWPVA members coaching children's soccer


NWPVA sponsors, organizes and promotes a variety of activities to benefit not only its members, but also the disabled community at large. An awareness of the importance of activity in meeting the needs of catastrophically disabled veterans with spinal cord injury and disease is paramount in our continuing efforts to improve lives.

NWPVA members mentor and coach young children with disabilities in a variety of recreational and educational activities as well, and this has opened our eyes to the tremendous value activity adds to the lives of these young people. People with disabilities have the same needs as anyone else, and NWPVA helps to make a positive difference in people's lives through hard work and dedication. A lot has been accomplished, but we still have much more to do.

NWPVA has taken great strides in bringing awareness of the medical issues surrounding spinal cord injury and disease to the medical field. Our members spend quality time with new members in peer orientation, helping these veterans deal with their life-changing event through recognition of critical health concerns and strategies to stay healthy and active. In our monthly Northwest Outpost newsletter we feature a section listing the availability of free medical equipment, including scooters, power chairs, walkers, etc. - for anyone in need.

NWPVA continually works with the Department of Veterans Affairs and keeps up to date on new developments and activity resources for the paralyzed veterans and the disabled community.

Jim Luco competing in the slalom event

NWPVA members coaching children's soccer


NWPVA consistently pushes the envelope forward when it comes to adaptive sports for both its members and people with disabilities in the community. Through participation in a variety of sporting activities, our members have been a leading example to other disabled people, especially in areas where those individuals would not have been introduced to the sport otherwise.

Chief among the chapter's goals is providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sporting events by covering the cost of equipment, dues, fees and other expenses.

NWPVA and Veterans Affairs recreation maintain quality sporting programs, such as boccia, air rifles, trap shooting, ping-pong, pool, rugby, basketball and power soccer in a variety of sports clinics throughout the community. The chapter's clinical outreach programs have attracted many different people throughout the community, and in return sports participation has grown by leaps and bounds.

NWPVA will do everything it in its power to increase the availability of, and participation in adaptive sports for seriously disabled veterans and others with disability.

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NWPVA will provide introductory and competitive shooting opportunities for members who wish to shoot. The Chapter will arrange opportunities for practice, instruction and competitions for members and other wheelchair shooters. NWPVA will select sites and provide directions.

Members must provide their own transportation and other expenses while participating in shooting sporting programs.


A graphic drawing of a target with bullet holes and 'Group Therapy' written at the bottom

The development of physical dexterity and discipline in target shooting is a primary reason NWPVA strongly sponsors this activity for our disabled veterans. Many have suffered diminished capacity in these areas and target shooting is a sport that can help to rebuild and strengthen many essential life skills. For example, the act of lining up and calculating the trajectory from the shooter to a small target at long distances increases mental focus, emotional calm, patience, and various levels of physical strength.

Target shooting is a slow-paced sport in which the competitors are given more than a minute for each shot at a series of targets. The objective is to make every shot count. NWPVA understands the multiple benefits our members receive from this sport and will continue to support wide participation.


Brent King, his son and 3 members posing with shotguns at the shooting range

The NWPVA Trap Shooting Program develops wheel chair bound veterans' skills at skeet, 5 stand and sporting clays for competition and recreation. The chapter promotes these types of activities to veterans and others living with spinal cord and disease who have an interest in the sport.

In the trap shooting arena, veterans with disabilities and able body shooters compete as equals. One of the major goals of NWPVA is to provide a wide variety of exciting activities for our members. Trap shooting has been one the most consistently popular events among our membership.

NWPVA sponsors a Trap Shooting Fundraiser competition every summer that is open to all shooters, standing or sitting. This is one of most highly anticipated events of the year!


Brent King and his son holding up a large fish while sitting in a boat on a river

The NWPVA Chapter has a few outlets for fishing. There are many local and national fishing clubs and outfitters that will be happy to take a Disabled Veteran fishing. Most local clubs and one outfitter will take Disabled Veterans fishing for free with limitations. Most boats, unfortunately won't hold the weight of a power chair. Most outfitters charge various fees and you must seek out those that will accommodate you and your level of mobility. One Seattle based Veteran owned fishing boat will take Disabled Veterans in manual wheelchairs. He is booked on-line only with no phone number. This Veteran run fishing boat can be found at www.boatsforheroes.org. Fill in all information requested on his website. His fishing boat is booked as first come first serve.

For you Disabled Veterans that are not comfortable or unable to get into a boat, there is still bank and dock fishing. Many lakes now have accessible docks to fish from by looking on-line with a little research. There is also some companies out there that build adaptive fishing gear. Examples of these are: push button throw casting aids, power reels, rod holders and various other adaptations. These items can be found on the internet or your VA RT can point you in the right direction to find various adaptive equipment.

Jim Martinson swinging a bat at a softball
Alaska Bear Hunt members posing in front of railing with bear skins hung
A wheelchair racer in action
Lenora Stern holding a shotgun during a national competition
An NWPVA coach helping a child in a wheelchair in a gym
An NWPVA member in an actrak chair
NWPVA members in the Auburn parade
George Pribyl throwing a javelin
Victor playing pool
Ernie at the national games


In addition to competitive team sports, there are a variety of activities in the chapter and throughout the community that are available to our members. The chapter sponsors ad organizes hunting trips, trap shoot competitions, target shooting, wheelchair races, trips to professional sporting events, motor racing, bicycle races, slalom courses, camping and fishing trips, bowling events, pool tournaments, table tennis and even paragliding! NWPVA also continually reaches out in the community. For example, we often set up slalom obstacle courses in malls and at other events for people in wheelchairs to challenge themselves.

NWPVA promotes the National Paralyzed Veterans of Amaerica Poster and Essay Competition to local elementary children. Students express skills by designing unique posters and writing descriptive essays. The grand prize winner in each category receives an all- expense paid trip to Washington DC on Veterans Day. For more information visit the National PVA website at pva.org

Alina Prots and her younger sister, Lilia garnered nationwide acclaim as winners in the 2013 PVA Veterans Day Poster Competition. They spent the entire summer using their creativity and imagination to design the unique posters that got the attention of the national organization's judges.

Poster contest winner children with parents and NWPVA members

Alina won grand prize in the 4th grade division and a trip to Washington DC for Veterans Day, while her sister was runner-up in the 2nd grade division. Their younger brother Pavel (seen in the picture to the right) was also a finalist in the 2nd grade PVA National poster competition in 2014. They were recognized for their outstanding achievement by NWPVA and the Pierce County School District.

Our chapter also brings awareness of the disabled community to schools through programs and assemblies like the Youth Awareness Disability Assembly (YADA). During YADA, the students experience a variety of activities, including the use of a manual wheel chair, picking things up with a hand-reaching tool, what it's like have no eyesight and other experiences designed to help them understand what people with disabilities face every day.

Poster contest winner children with parents and NWPVA members

NWPVA is a huge sponsor of Camp Access for children with disabilities. The children participate in activities designed to help build leadership, sportsmanship, confidence and other important traits. The chapter's funding makes it possible for children to attend camp without any financial burden on their family. At Camp Access there are a variety of activities including arts, crafts, swimming, fishing, camping, shooting and opportunities to make lifelong friends with other children.

One little girl attended Camp Access and after trying the NWPVA Shooting Program, she is today approaching an expert level and competing for the Paralympics tryouts. This type of success story is an example of why our chapter is so dedicated to helping disabled children.

Our members spend quality time volunteering at schools and truly make a difference in the lives of children. They help out and talk about how they ended up in a wheelchair. Our chapter stresses how being the influence of alcohol while driving can drastically change a life. We try to change their perspective about the limitations of a disabled person by teaching the students about the adaptations available that allow travel, flying, scuba diving, skiing, and numerous other activities that non-disabled people take for granted. Our members have often been recognized at honorariums by local, state and federal officials for their hard work and contributions to the community.

NWPVA proudly marches in local parades, such as the Veterans Day parade and Fourth of July parade in Burien. We host an Annual Picnic and Holiday Party every year, and we often have pizza parties, recognition ceremonies and other special events for our membership. We also maintain an ongoing activity that recognizes Metro bus drivers with awards for outstanding service to the disabled community.

NWPVA is a very active organization and will continue to fully support activities that help people with disabilities enjoy a better quality of life, because...

We absolutely insist on having fun while living life to the fullest!!

Salute to Armed Forces Night Sign at Safeco Field
Two paragliders flying against a blue sky
A monoskier flying threw the snow
A para-tricyclist in a road race
An NWPVA VIP posing with a visiting team member,officials and a Seattle Mariner player on the field during a baseball game at Safeco Field
A group of wheelchair children, NWPVA members and parents in a gym receiving instructions from a coach
A teenage girl smiling and holding a shotgun
A presentation at an awards banquet
Joe Sapienza playing ping-pong
Contestant Mary Deggs on the track at the national games
A parahiker on a desert trail
A paragolfer swinging away


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