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NORTHWEST PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA (NWPVA) is a nonprofit organization that strongly advocates on behalf of catastrophically disabled American Veterans at the local, state and federal levels of government. Our strengths focus on supporting proactive legislation, creating sport and recreational activities and helping disabled men and women live rich and fulfilling lives!

The NWPVA Advocacy Team in Washington DC NWPVA men and women athletes in a gymnasium Tom Knoppi snow skiing Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signing ADA legislation

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By Krystal Marx (Leader of the Washington Initiative)

Every Fourth of July, fireworks ring out in neighborhoods all around the country as we celebrate the freedom of our country. For many veterans suffering from PTSD, however, the unpredictable explosions and flashes of color bring little to celebrate and much to cause anxiety.

Before we were married, my now-husband, a combat veteran from the U.S. Army, told me about his plans for the holiday – “head somewhere quiet, turn some movies up loud, and wait for it all to end” – but it was difficult for me to understand why he would choose to isolate, and what kind of effect the loud, unexpected noises would have on him.

A couple of years (and four children later), and fireworks are blasting over and around our house in the Seattle suburbs. Never mind that fireworks are illegal in King County, or that my husband went out of his way to post two very kind signs in our front yard letting our neighbors know that a combat veteran with PTSD lives here and would appreciate a heads-up if they intended to light a few off; our house shook with each blast from nine at night to three in the morning. I will never forget how hopeful he was, choosing to stay home with me and the kids instead of isolating, and the resulting look of devastation and panic when the explosions started.

After a similar occurrence on New Year’s Eve, I came up with the idea for Veteran Care Packs (VCP) – a small collection of self-care items used to cope during a trigger event – such as an unexpected, loud noise or claustrophobic situation – that will also serve as a way to enable the vet to live life on their terms. Each VCP is completely free, and contains earplugs, a journal, a pen, hard candies, hand warmers, a small bottle of water, a small puzzle/game, a list of resources and more. There is also an online component (this website), with links to resources, playlists, and meditations. These packs are small, and are designed to fit into a backpack, duffle bag, or glove compartment.

I reached out on social media through my grassroots volunteer organization’s page on Facebook and started messaging friends and family alike, asking them to donate items to the cause. I set up a website describing the project, and included a link (or several!) to an Amazon Wish List where people could donate items directly to the project.

Finally, I contacted as many veteran organizations in and around King and Pierce Counties in Washington, and asked if they would either like some of the Care Packs, or would spread the word to their veteran population about their existence. It is my hope to get as many of these out to individuals as I can before the Fourth of July, and continue to collect items for New Year’s Eve.

Krystal Marx wai.seattle@gmail.com (614)715-4376

New NWPVA Phone App!
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GREAT NEWS!!! Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America is now mobile! I'm in!, one of our valued supporters, and our web designer, Scott Riley, have designed and developed our first mobile app, which is now available for download from Google Play. I'm in! also helps businesses deploy various mobile coupon and loyalty programs. These programs enable users to find great discounts at stores like Macy's, Amazon, JC Penney and Kohl's. Please visit their website at: www.imin.com

We are very excited about the opportunities this new mobile app provides our members and supporters! We will now be able to quickly communicate with each of you to let you know about new events, the latest legislation, veteran benefits, resources, important news and more. Please download the app now to support the great work this organization does for the disabled and veteran communities.

NWPVA Mobile App

2016 Olympic Legislative Accomplishments
picture of the washington state capitol legislative dome building

Although this year's legislative session went into overtime, the results for veterans are clear victories and some clearly enhance mental health, CHAMPVA insurance availability, historic veteran cemeteries and county veterans benefits.

HB 2793 was a bill all of us in the veteran community were advocating for its passage. It was our most important bill of the session. This is the first bill in the country to address gun control in a smart way. Here is a summary of this landmark legislation:

"Creates the safe homes task force to raise public awareness and increase suicide prevention education among new partners who are in key positions to help reduce suicide... "

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2015 - 2016

2014-2015 NWPVA President Tom Bungert


As President, I am truly honored to serve my fellow veterans and work to maintain the integrity and high standards of the Northwest Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Twenty-three years ago the NWPVA had a major impact on the quality of my life by introducing me to a variety of activities and support. Although I am paralyzed from the neck down, today I am able to enjoy my life and do all of the things I did before my injury! My goal is to help other disabled veterans to the best of my knowledge.

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The Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America has been dedicated to advocating at all levels of the government for people with disabilities for many years. Paralyzed veterans have been paving the way by greatly increasing opportunities for a better quality of life. The NWPVA also encourages exciting activities for disabled individuals by sponsoring a variety of sporting events throughout the community and at the national level. In the future, Northwest PVA will continue to push the envelope forward in its mission to help disabled Americans overcome the obstacles placed in their lives.

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Your tax-deductible donation helps NWPVA provide ongoing support to assist paralyzed veterans live a life without limits and experience the highest degree of independence and success in our community.

There are numerous ways that you can help, such as a secure, online donation, check or money order mailed to our office, planned giving, gifts of stocks or securities, or with a tribute or memorial gift. You might also participate in one or both of the fund raising methods described below.

The Wheels Helping Warriors logo

Considering a new car, throwing in the towel on an old motorcycle that won't run or looking to get rid of an ATV? In all situations, Paralyzed Veterans of America's Wheels Helping Warriors Vehicle Donation program is a perfect outlet for your generosity.

It's easy to donate. Be sure your title is on hand, fill out the online form at: www.wheelshelpingwarriors.org or call (855) 744-0782. We will schedule the pickup free of charge and donors receive a tax deduction for the donation.

Help support Paralyzed Veterans of America's Northwest Chapter and donate today! For more information visit www.wheelshelpingwarriors.org.


Do you have a few free hours a week or month? How about a special talent? Is there a sport that you excel in, or are you medically trained? Could you give up a little bit of time to share your gift with someone who sacrificed their body and freedom of mobility for you?

There are many ways that you can help a disabled veteran through our organization. Please contact our office right now. The joy you will receive in return for a small commitment will be PRICELESS!

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There is a new and easy way to raise money for NWPVA just by searching the Internet with GoodSearch.com.

It's simple. You use GoodSearch.com like any other search engine-the site is powered by Yahoo!-but each time you do, money is generated for NWPVA.

Last year, search engines generated close to $6 billion in revenue from advertisers. With GoodSearch part of this advertising revenue will now be directed to NWPVA.

We hope that not only will you use GoodSearch as your main search engine from here on out, but will also pass this message on to your friends and family. The more people who use this, the more money will go to NWPVA.


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